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4 years in France

Last November we celebrated four years in France. What a wild ride these four years have been!


With Maison de la riviere in its third year on activity and doing well, despite COVID-19 (and the the newly-added threat of nuclear war), we are pushing through with our plan for a holiday rental empire by converting Alistair’s workshop and adjoining pig sty into a small but fabulous (how else?) apartment that will comfortably host 4 people.

After the push of the first three years, we’ve decided to take this one slow and work at it sustainably, as and when we have money to spend and carefully analysing quotes and options. Not to mention, around the many ailments of Alistair, the latest of which is an inflamed ligament from falling off a ladder last year.

But most importantly, after breaking our backs working since we’ve moved to France, we have decided that life is for living! Last year we managed our first proper holiday in two years (via Germany and Athens, on the beautiful Greek island of Syros) and a weekend in Bordeaux, before Christmas, while in February, we nipped over the border to Spain, to celebrate Alistair’s birthday in San Sebastian.




We are extremely grateful to live in this beautiful and safe part of the world.

Meanwhile, we are looking to offer up accommodation to Ukrainian refugees who are coming to our area. May they all find their way to safety!





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