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On top of the world

Earlier this year, as soon as we were allowed to travel for more than 10km away from our home, we decided to go for a hike. We’ve tried the Tourist Office’s guide for local walks a few times and ended up massively frustrated each time. The maps they use are the same outdated style once familiar to many a Londoners finding their way around with the A-Z guide. Their descriptions are confusing at least and often incorrect. So we finally ditched the Tourist Office book and went digital.

We went on Komoot and found a Panorama 360 degrees walk starting in the village of Tardets Sorholus, which is located at approximately 40 mins drive from Maison de la riviere.

What’s great about Komoot is that is tells you exactly where the walk starts and the GPS takes you there (unlike the vague directions from the Tourist Office guide which often tell you to start your walk in the car park in front of the Mairie!).

We started our walk gently and followed the GPS closely until we were told to jump a fence into a forest trail, at which point we debated whether we should considering, you know, the fence but decided that it didn’t have a private property sign and it was fair game. Worried that we were off the track, I kept checking my GPS but it wasn’t long until we were lead towards a hill, which seemed like what we were after.

After 30 min of heavy incline climb, we made it to the top and were rewarded with the most incredible view over the Pyrenees. Filou certainly enjoyed being on top of the world.


When we started our descend, I was too elated with the view and the fresh air to continue checking the GPS and just decided to follow Filou down the path. By the time we were half-way down the hill, we realised we were going the wrong way. Tears threatened to form in the corners of my eyes, as I contemplated the climb back and decided that I’d rather do the detour. And so we found ourselves on uncharted territory, through forrest and jumping over streams, trying to make it back to the car before curfew.

As luck will have it, we made it just in time and we were broken and muddy, but the memories of that view still lingers on.

We highly recommend this walk, but do keep your eyes on the app at all times and, most importantly, do not follow your dog 🙂

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