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Lockdown at Maison de la riviere

Hello from Maison de la riviere! We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during the lockdown. We’ve been busy enjoying the lovely weather bestowed upon our region since the lockdown and making the most of our free time, with land maintenance and repairs, in expectation of the end of confinement and the return of our customers.

But of course, we are not all about hard work only. We also keep in touch with our friends and loved-ones through carefully-executed greeting cards, such as the ones below.

And when we’re not being creative or hard at work, we focus our attention towards the most fortunate member of the Maison de la riviere family, Filou, who requires a lot of exercising and sleep to stay in shape.

And, of course, we can’t enjoy our government-allocated daily walks by the river without paying tax to Gringo, Isla and Rum, even if it’s just a handful of grass (greener on the other side of the fence), although, truth be told, they do prefer stale bread or apple.

As you can see, business as usual here at Maison de la riviere, as we await the return of our customers, who are probably looking forward to space and fresh air after weeks of lockdown as much as we are looking forward to them booking their holidays with us!

Stay well and keep in touch!


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