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Meet Rum

A little over a month ago, we welcomed a much-awaited new member of our animal family into the world: Rum, the baby pony.

His mother, Isla, has been with us since June las year and she was already pregnant. A few weeks ago, Rum arrived during the night.

Since his arrival, he has become something of a local attraction. He is a friendly little fellow and loves a cuddle and a back rub! But of course, we first have to pay the tax to his mother Isla who won’t accept anything less than a handful of delicious grass!

Rum is quite the children’s favourite. Here he is here enjoying cuddles from our guests from Madrid


Our guests couldn’t get enough of baby Rum. And who can blame them? We have certainly never seen a cuter baby animal before. That was until we saw baby donkey Eclair, in neighbouring village Guinarthe. Now take all that cuteness if you can bear it! 🙂

We won’t promise that you won’t see a donkey at Maison de la riviere that look just like little Eclair soon 🙂

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