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The old railway walk from Escos to Salies de Bearn

A short drive from our house in Autevielle towards the village of Escos, there is a voie verte: a pedestrian/cyclist only route built on the old railway line. You can take a right as you come off our street towards Escos either in your car or on your bike. Stop just before you enter the village of Escos and park, before you join (on foot or on your bike) the voie verte that will take you directly to the spa town of Salies de Bearn within half an hour (if you’re cycling) or an hour and a half if you’re walking.

The road is paved and lined by trees on either side.

A few minutes into your walk, you will come across a spectacular structure: the metal bridge built by Gustave Eiffel in 1878 over the Gave d’Oloron to connect Puyoo to Saint Palais via the railway.

The layers of red rust make the bridge look completely in tune with the colours of nature in the background. It’s one of the most unexpected and most beautiful bridges that I have ever crossed.

Gustave Eiffel Bridge



View from the bridge

And humans are not the only one who use it. This little rascal wondered about all by himself, as often French dogs do. And, hey, can you blame him with such a wonderful walk on his doorstep?

The walk takes through villages, and you may see the occasional goose or duck.

Sometimes it’s lined by trees and sometimes you find yourself in the wide open space.

Just let the road lead you. But be sure to bring lots of water 🙂


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